Reina: We will work hard to take Napoli to the top

Reina: We will work hard to take Napoli to the top

Notizie | 08/08/2013

The goalkeeper: I am from the South of Spain, this is the perfect environment for me

"Our goal is to take Napoli to the top." Pepe Reina is very determined. Outstanding personality on the field and in the dressing room: the Spanish goalkeeper knows what he wants.

"I am extremely happy to be here. Seeing the San Paolo stadium the day of the team's presentation was enough to realize that our fans are amazing. I am from the South of Spain and this passion is perfect for me. If enthusiasm and pressure are necessary to win, they are welcome!" 

"I know Benitez very well, he is a winning manager, the best one I have ever met and I hope that together we are able  to achieve something important in a short time. Of course our goal must be to reach the top day by day. The most important date is August 25th, when Serie A begins. Now we are going to work hard and to follow our manager's instructions in order to be at our best when the season starts."

As for goalkeepers, Napoli can boast a glorious tradition... "I am aware of it, I have a lot of respect for the past and for this Club's history. I will try to be as goos as the great goalkeepers who wore this jersey. But what really matters is that the entire team can show its potential."

Which were your first impressions here? "This is a strong and competitive team. There are many talented footballers and some new players who must immediately act as a group and follow Benitez's teachings. Now we are getting ready for it. A solid team can be determining in order to achieve the most ambitious goals."