Primavera pre-season training camp draws to a close

Primavera pre-season training camp draws to a close

Notizie | 02/08/2021

Frustalupi: “Fantastic training camp with perfect facilities and organisation”

Napoli Primavera’s pre-season training camp in Castel di Sangro has now concluded.

The Abruzzo town will now play host to Luciano Spalletti’s first-team squad, who will continue their preparations at the Stadio Patini in Castel di Sangro from 5 August.

Napoli Primavera coach Nicolo Frustalupi was full of praise when he looked back on the training camp.

“Our Castel di Sangro training camp has gone very well,” he said. “The facilities were excellent and the pitches were perfect. The hotel we stayed in was very efficient too. It’s given us the best possible environmental and psychological conditions to have the perfect training camp in every sense. In terms of the logistics, it’s been a fantastic experience. I’d like to thank Mayor Angelo Caruso for making us so welcome and the local authorities for their help.

“I’m pleased with the work the players have done. We’ve had a couple of little injuries but nothing too worrying, which is a good start in itself. We have a friendly against Turris this afternoon – they are a Lego Pro side and they’re further ahead in their preparations and more experienced than us. That comes after we already took on a strong side in Avellino last week. These are important games for us in terms of working on tactical points and our fitness.”

Frustalupi also spoke about his expectations for Napoli this season.

“We certainly need to give everything we have,” he said. “We’re coming up from the Primavera 2 Championship, and the level is definitely a lot higher in Primavera 1. We need to show that we can be competitive this season. Our first objective is to develop the players, get the best out of them as individuals and help the team to mature at the same time.

“I have an excellent group here – the lads are very open to working hard and learning new things. There’s a great bond within the squad and I’m really pleased with how they’ve gone about it and applied themselves in terms of both tactics and the mental side of things. There’s still a lot for us to do to be ready for the first league game of the season, though. I’m confident in this team’s potential.”