Napoli Primavera squad visit Shoah Memorial in Milan

Napoli Primavera squad visit Shoah Memorial in Milan

Notizie | 14/04/2018

The Shoah memorial in Milan is a place of remembrance located within the central train station in the city. As the foundation’s website describes, between 1943 and 1945 “thousands of Jews were loaded onto livestock cars, which were then lifted to the track level above and joined together into trains headed for Auschwitz–Birkenau and other death camps or concentration camps, or to the Italian deportation camps at Fossoli and Bolzano”.

Napoli is against all forms of discrimination, just as sport and football are by definition. For this reason, it was a useful opportunity, with the team having travelled to Atalanta for today’s Primavera 1 Tim clash, for the young players to visit this poignant setting. It was an important experience for them, something they will never forget, and which will no doubt contribute to their moral and cultural development as people.

“On January 30, 1944, the first train loaded with Jewish prisoners left for Auschwitz–Birkenau. Only 22 of the 605 people deported that day would survive. One of them was Liliana Segre, who was thirteen years old at the time. In spite of her youth, she managed to survive the horrors of Auschwitz; her dearly beloved father did not,” the website continues.

It was a special and memorable event for the players, accompanied by Loris Beoni, the Primavera coach, and Nicola Lombardo, communications director at SSC Napoli. In a place of remembrance, it was a reminder of the pedagogical value of football, particurarly when young players are involved, and how it can play a crucial social role. 


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