Napoli-Bassa Anaunia 17-0, full time

Napoli-Bassa Anaunia 17-0, full time

Notizie | 12/07/2017

The first friendly match of Napoli at Dimaro

Goals and show in the first friendly match of Napoli at Dimaro. The azzurri win vs Bassa Anaunia 17-0, enjoying themselves and the fans. Mertens starts again from 6 and shows the splendid shape of the last season through incredible plays. Then the hat-trick of Milik who shows to have returned to his best levels. And still the braces of Insigne and Giaccherini, the goals of Allan, Maksimovic, Rog and Pavoletti.

Applauses and a lot of enthusiasm for the numerous supporters who have seen the first azzurra friendly game. Now the appointment is for Napoli-Trento for the second test of next Saturday evening at 9 PM.

Napoli first half: Sepe, Maggio, Maksimovic, Chiriches, Ghoulam, Allan, Jorginho, Hamsik, Callejon, Insigne, Milik. All. Sarri

Napoli second half: Rafael, Maggio (66' Pavoletti), Koulibaly, Albiol, Strinic, Rog, Diawara, Zielinski, Ounas (68' Hysaj), Giaccherini, Mertens (83' Leandrinho).

Referee: Mantelli of Brescia

Scorers: 4' Insigne, 23' Milik, 24' Allan, 31' Insigne, 34' Milik, 45' Maksimovic, 46' Milik, 48' Mertens, 50' Giaccherini, 51' Mertens, 52' Rog, 54' Mertens, 63' Mertens, 68' Mertens, 70' Pavoletti, 71' Giaccherini, 78' Mertens


- First half -

4’ goal of Napoli: Insigne. Callejon makes a long range pass for Maggio who crosses, a defender tries to clear and Lorenzo with a precise right footed shot scores the first goal of Napoli in these friendly tests.

23': goal of Milik. Arek scores after rapid passes with Insigne.

24': goal of Allan with a strong left footed kick inside the box.

31': brace for Insigne, with a left footed shot just outside the box that finds the corner of the goal

34' - goal of Milik, again. Centre action of Chiriches that passes to Arek: stop with the right foot and goal with a left footed shot.

45' - goal of Maksimovic that scores just close to the goal line thanks to a corner kick.

46' - hat-trick for Milik who dribbles two defenders and scores inside the box the 7-0. 

- Second half -

48' - goal of Mertens with a left footed diagonal shot. 

50' - goal of Giaccherini thanks to a pass of Ounas inside the box. 

51' - amazing goal of Mertens. Passes between Dres and Strinic inside the box and then a wonderful lob with a left footed shot on the top of the crossbar corner.

52' - Goal of Rog after a fast give and go pass in the box with Giaccherini

54' - another magic of Mertens who dribbles two opponents and then scores with a delicious flick of the ball.

63' - poker of Mertens who launched by Ounas scores just inside the box. 

68' - fifth goal of Mertens with another incredible action: nutmeg inside the area and left footed kick just under the crossbeam

70' - goal of Pavoletti: cross of Giaccherini and header of the azzurro striker. 


71' - goal of Giaccherini. Mertens serves him after a classy action and he easily scores another goal. 

78' - sixth goal of Mertens who takes advantage of the ball in a confused situation.

The match ends 17-0 for Napoli at Dimaro. 


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