Gattuso: "We created and wasted so much"

Notizie | 06/01/2021


Gennaro Gattuso provided his usual honest analysis of the team after the 2-1 home defeat at the hands of Spezia on Wednesday evening: “It’s almost impossible to comment on this game. We did absolutely everything.

“It’s always the same story: we’re the team that creates and misses the most. I don’t know if it’s down to a technical factor or determination. Maybe I’m the one who isn’t able to transmit the right level of ruthlessness. The fact remains that we’ve lost the exact same game again.

“The team is too nervous, almost schizophrenic at times. We lose our heads and feel deflated in difficult situations. We had more than 20 efforts on goal today; what can I talk about? The quality in our play is there, but we keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

“It’s acceptable to concede an equaliser against Spezia, but what isn’t acceptable is not being about to sense the danger. Tonight’s game should’ve been put to bed in the first half; that’s the proper way to analyse it. Once the contest opened up, however, we should’ve been much more focused.

“It hurts me to lose like this, but above all, it hurts me that this year we’ve thrown away points in the same way over and over again. Everything can improve, including our play on the ball and our precision, but these are areas that we can’t work on regularly in training because we’re playing every three days.

“There’s no need to get ourselves down about this. We have to accept the defeat and move on. We’re a side that performs at a high level, but we also make sloppy mistakes. That’s the area we need to work on because we’re certainly on the right track in terms of our style of play.”