Formisano speaks on 'worrying' San Paolo situation

Formisano speaks on 'worrying' San Paolo situation

Notizie | 03/08/2018

Napoli's Head of Operations Alessandro Formisano has expressed his concern over the lack of progress made in renovation work being carried out at the Stadio San Paolo.

Speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss – with the start of the new season now just two weeks away – Formisano said: “Work at the San Paolo is clearly behind schedule – the situation is worrying.

"I think the World University Games [to be held in Naples next summer] are a great opportunity to renovate the San Paolo but it means following a careful and scrupulous schedule. I don't know what the timeframe is but we were told in June that it would well under way by now.

"Yet here we are a month and a half later and looking at the stadium it's a big worry. There are piles of material lying around and lots of work is in progress. They didn't start until mid-July and no one has been able to tell us when the seats will be renumbered. Those seats should have been replaced years ago going by what the municipality has said, so clearly something is not right.
“I'm happy that the councillor for sport [Ciro Borriello] has said we'll be ready in time for the game against AC Milan, but we have to keep covering our backs with Palermo's stadium as a guarantee and it's not good having to go through the whole bureaucratic process every year just to be sure of having a stadium to play in.

“Talks between the club and the institutions are constantly ongoing. Hopefully the agreement can continue we'll receive reassurances regarding the state of play because, as I said, it's worrying at the moment.”


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