De Laurentiis:

De Laurentiis: "Ancelotti is our star signing"

Notizie | 11/07/2018

Aurelio De Laurentiis welcomed Carlo Ancelotti as Napoli's 'star signing' as the new Azzurri coach was unveiled at a press conference in Dimaro on Wednesday.

"Carlo is our star signing,” the president began. “I have complete faith in him and I'd happily play him in any position! He's a coach with international pedigree who will ensure growth and continuity at Napoli.

"Napoli have been key players in recent years: in the last decade we've grown more than any other club in the world. What [Rafa] Benitez and [Maurizio] Sarri managed to do was get 11 players playing as a team, not as individuals. That's exactly what Ancelotti does. We'll continue along this path that has taken us to the top.”

Reflecting on last season, the president added: “I'm happy with the season as a whole and the 91 points we earned. With a bit more luck we could have achieved something even greater. What I didn't agree with was us going out of the cup competitions. I couldn't say it while the season was ongoing but it cost us €15 million.”

De Laurentiis also spoke about the transfer market.

“We're not going to sell anyone. We have young players who have developed into top players here with us. We have our top players already. Obviously if we decide to change anything or we identify any specific needs, we'll do what needs to be done in a sound, financially sensible way.”

The president went on to hail Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus as a good thing for Italy.

“I welcomed Ronaldo's arrival very positively, on Twitter too. He can help raise the profile of the Italian game and makes it a more interesting challenge with Juventus.

“At the same time Im disappointed because a world-class player like him coming to Serie A should have led to an increase in proceeds from TV rights. It's a missed opportunity. I asked for the agreement to be for one year, after which we could have renegotiated for the following years. If that had happened, with Ronaldo here we could have asked for more.”

Finally, De Laurentiis commented on Maurizio Sarri's situation.

“I think we're almost there. It depends on him and Chelsea now. I've set out my conditions. Time will tell.”