De Guzman has joined Napoli

De Guzman has joined Napoli

Notizie | 20/08/2014

The Azzurri Club officially unveils the agreement with the Dutch midfielder and Fernandez' transfer to Swansea

Johathan De Guzman has joined Napoli. The Dutch midfielder is a new Napoli's player after the medical tests he signed on a permanent transfer for the Azzurri Club. To unveil the final greement President De Laurentiis on his twitter's profile declares: "Welcome to De Guzman".
These are the first words of the new Azzurri's player: "I'm extremly happy to be in Napoli. I would like to say hello to all Napoli's fans, and I'm looking forward to begin". 

Jonathan De Guzman was born on 13th September 1987 in Toronto from Jamaican mother and Filipine father. He is Canadian but gained Dutch citizenship beginning his career with Feyenoord. He played also with Majorca, Villarreal, and Swansea.
He debuted with Feyenoord, from 2005 to 2010, recording 23 goals in 109 presences in Championship and one goal in 8 matches in the European Cups. He signed with Majorca in 2010/11 and he scored 5 goals in 33 matches in the Liga. He played 20 matches with Villarreal-2011/12 whitout scoring. Since 2012 he played with Swansea for two seasons where he recorded 9 goals in 71 competitions in Premier League and 3 goals in 17 challenges in Europe.
In his career he played the Dutch Cup in 2007/08 and the English Championship in 2012/13.
He was selected for the Dutch National where he scored 5 goals in 16 appearances with the Under 21 team. He counts 13 presences in the National achieveing the third position in Brazil-2014.
Last year He faced Napoli in 2013/14 Europa League- securing a temporarily goal equalizing at the San Paolo stadium. The match ended 3-1 on 27th February.




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