Ancelotti demands big performance from his 'exciting' Napoli side

Ancelotti demands big performance from his 'exciting' Napoli side

Notizie | 01/11/2018

The team face Empoli tomorrow

Carlo Ancelotti’s comments at the news conference ahead of Napoli’s clash with Empoli tomorrow evening indicate a level of confidence and excitement on the part of the coach.

"This Napoli team excites me so much – we’re in good shape physically and mentally, and tomorrow I’m expecting a big performance from the boys,” he said.

Is being labelled as Juventus’ challengers weighing heavily?

"No. We have responsibility in representing this city and this club, both of which are very ambitious. It doesn’t weight heavily for us and the pressure on us to fight to win doesn’t scare us."

How do you assess this Napoli side after two months?

"I think we can properly assess the team after the first round of fixtures, with every team having played each other once. I think our fixture list has been tough up until now, but I’m fully satisfied with the team.
"This is a group of players that give my huge confidence and excitement. I don’t think anyone has yet gauged the true strength of this squad. Perhaps I have not even seen the full potential of what we have."

First Empoli and then PSG.

"We’re only focused on Empoli right now, because it’s a match that could give us the boost we need for the Champions League match. We’re not thinking about PSG. I’m expecting to see the team with even more intensity tomorrow."

Will you make some changes?

"I think I will make a few. Generally speaking, the squad is in a growth phase – I have a really good feeling about the team and am confident. Of course there are always dangers at every turn, so we need fresh legs and players in top condition.
"I think up until now we’ve been punished for defensive shortcomings. After conceding goals in the first few games things have improved. The team is more compact and we’re defending higher up the pitch. What we need to improve now is the efficiency of our finishing."

Fabian Ruiz has drawn much attention with some splendid recent performances.

"Fabian is young – he’s got talent and character. He can play in numerous roles. He can do so with calm, because he has huge potential."

What are you yearning for here at Napoli?

"One thing I wanted and which I’ve found here is being able to coach a strong group of players. I’m at an ambitious club and we have a unique set of supporters. These are all the components that in the long term can help us win.
"My task and my desire is to help this exciting team be consistent. In my experience, I’ve learned that consistency is the key to success."


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