A new season with Sorare fantasy football!

A new season with Sorare fantasy football!

Notizie | 17/09/2020

SSC Napoli has teamed up with Sorare Global Fantasy Football for the second season running to offer you the chance of managing your own dream team!

The game lets you put together your team with Napoli players, other world-famous stars or promising youngsters, with weekly prizes to be won.

Napoli was one of the first Italian clubs to partner with Sorare as part of our drive to boost engagement with our fans across the world. The game has 99+ officially licensed clubs around the globe, including Atletico Madrid, Olympique de Marseille, Spartak Moscow and many more.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional fantasy football games, players are represented by limited edition cards which can be freely traded on the Sorare platform.

Blockchain technology is used to ensure the authenticity and 'digital rarity' of the cards. Each player  is represented by a Unique card, 10 Super Rare cards, 100 Rare cards and unlimited normal cards.

How do you play?

Sorare users are ranked based on how their players perform on the pitch but also according to bonus points which depend on the level of cards used. The rarer the card, the more bonus points you get. Sorare is similar to other fantasy football games where you have to put together the strongest team.
Start collecting Napoli cards and build your dream team with our players!

Sorare players can win weekly prizes like new cards and Ether cryptocurrency in the various international tournaments.

BONUS: collect your first 10 player cards by registering via this special Napoli link: special napoli link