Maradona Stadium Rules and Regulation

Maradona Stadium Rules and Regulation

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium Rules and Regulation

(Pursuant to Article 1 septies of Legislative Decree No. 28 of 24/02/2003, implemented by Law No. 88 of 24/04/2003 and subsequent modifications, and pursuant to Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Ministerial Decree of 6 June 2005 concerning way of issue, distribution, sale and transfer of entrance tickets to sports facilities with capacity of more than 10,000 seats).

For the purpose of these Rules and Regulations, the following Definitions apply:

“Stadium” or “Sports Facility” means the whole Diego Armando Maradona stadium structure and its facilities, included the external ones, occupied and used by S.S. Calcio Napoli SpA for matches played at home.

“Club” or “S.S. Calcio Napoli” means Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli S.p.A.

“Event” means any sports event that takes place in the Stadium, organized or managed by S.S. Calcio Napoli.

“GOS” means the Operational Security Group for any sports event taking place in the Stadium.

The purchase of a valid ticket to access and remain in the Stadium involves the unconditional acceptance of the "Diego Armando Maradona Stadium Use Regulations" and any subsequent modifications/amendments which may be made, even where these are of a temporary nature and relate to specific events, such as national or regional legislation, administrative proceedings and other regulations or FIGC measures directed at clubs.

Violation of or serious failure to respect these regulations will involve the immediate cancellation of the contract, and the consequential removal from the Stadium of the transgressor, as well as the enforcement of provisions and sanctions provided for by the law in force  and any that may follow it.

In any case, the sale of season tickets and matchday tickets to the Stadium, including in the away section, are subject to the instructions and pre-existing arrangements issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the FIGC and public authorities.

Bearing in mind the possibility for the CID to carry out personal searches according the provisions of the law in force, when purchasing a ticket to access the Stadium, the supporter agrees to the Stadium Use Regulations and authorizes the stewards to carry out inspections also by metal detector finalized to avoid the introduction of illegal, forbidden and/or dangerous materials. The supporter must follow the stewards' directions, who has the authority to deny entrance or remove from the Stadium anyone doesn't want to be subjected to scrupulous checks, according to the regulations hereinafter stipulated.

Therefore, at the gates and for the whole duration of the stay in the Stadium, the ticket holder must keep the ticket and be able to show it at any moment to the Stadium personnel, as it can be subjected to such inspections from stewards.

In the light of the above, please note that the S.S. Calcio Napoli's stewards on duty are by law considered as "public service employees". In particular, they are protected by Articles 336 (violence or threat to public official) and 337 (resisting a public official) of the Penal Code (ex Article 6 quater of Law No. 401 of 13/12/89, supplemented by Article 1, Paragraph C of Legislative Decree No. 162 of 17/08/05, implemented by Law No.210 of 17/10/05.


In particular, the following provisions are mentioned:

  1. Tickets to access the Stadium (ticket or season ticket) is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others, and it will be issued only after the buyer's personal data registration. Children under the age of 14 can enter the Stadium only if accompanied by an adult and both must be in possession of valid tickets. It is forbidden in any case and in any event to change the name of the ticket's user to access to the Stadium (ticket or season ticket). If it will be used by a different person than the owner it will be confiscated from the staff on duty, bearing in mind the applicability of legislative and prescribed provisions aiming at ensuring security in facilities where sports events are taking place.
  2. Without prejudice to and as a partial and temporary exception to Point 1, the named user on the season ticket can only be changed digitally and for a maximum of number of matches set by the club, to another Fidelity Card holder, using the procedure set out on the club site or the website of the company appointed to handle ticketing services (Ticketone).
  3. The right to attend matches played by teams of S.S. Calcio Napoli can be obtained just endorsing the separate "Seasonal Ticket" contract, if predisposed from S.S. Calcio Napoli for any football season, or by purchase of the single valid ticket for the single match-event.
  4. Any ticket used by a different person from the rightful owner will be confiscated from stewards and/or Club officials and/or police Authorities should this person attempt to access the Stadium, or is found inside the facility with it, or commits any other breach of this agreement. The person that will be found in possession of such ticket will be identified and sued by law. Confiscated Tickets will be kept by the Club to be returned to the owner. The Ticket will then be returned to its owner only after he can produce a copy of the report to the Public Authority. In case of loss, theft or damage to the season ticket or single matchday ticket, duplicates or replacements shall not be issued, entrance shall not be allowed and the ticket price shall not be refunded, in compliance with current tax rules and for reasons of public safety.
  5. To access the Sports Facility, a valid ID Card (ID card, passport or equivalent) is required in addition to a valid ticket. This must be shown at the request of the stewards, and/or Club staff and/or law enforcement to verify the correspondence between ticket's owner and user.
  6. According to law, all people who have a valid ticket to access the Stadium are obliged, unless expressly authorized by stewards, Club officials or the Police, a) to occupy just the seat assigned and highlighted on the ticket or season ticket; b) not to occupy any other seat, even if the seat in question is not being used by anyone else; c) not to stand on and/or occupy while standing one or more seats at any time during their visit to the stadium; d) not to loiter on access stairways, exit routes and key areas; e) not to move to other sectors of the Stadium. Any person found in a different sector than the one assigned by ticket or season ticket, or any person found to be in violation of the rules listed above, may be identified and asked to leave the Stadium.
  7. For public order reasons, the Police Authorities, Stewards and Club Staff could limit or deny entrance or stay in the Stadium also to individuals who have regular tickets.
  8. Anyone in possession of a valid ticket for the Stadium expressly acknowledges and agrees that S.S. Calcio Napoli can assign a different seat to the one previously indicated, should there be justified organizational reasons, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, issues with public order or safety, or instructions issued by public or sporting authorities. In this case, S.S. Calcio Napoli shall offer the Fan in possession of a valid ticket an equivalent seat to the one originally purchased. In the event that the Fan does not deem the alternative seat to be appropriate or equivalent, the Club will be bound to reimburse them the cost of their ticket (corresponding to a single match-day ticket – if the Fan is a season-ticket holder, they will be reimbursed an amount commensurate to their remaining unused accesses) and shall not be entitled to any other compensation.
  9. Club can, on its unchallengeable decision, install protective structures, according to FIFA and UEFA standards, to separate the Stadium sectors and these ones from the field. Furthermore, the ticket holder acknowledges and accepts that the Stadium is fitted with infrastructure / dividers / fences / screens / pillars that may limit the view of the pitch and games.
  10. Club cannot be held responsible for losses, accidents, damages or harms in the Stadium, unless it's due to its own direct fault.
  11. The Club does not guarantee that the match will take place at the scheduled date and time and reserves the right to reschedule the date and time of the match, without prejudice to the right of those that have already purchased tickets for the game in question to attend that game, or – as an alternative – to have their ticket refunded. This does not affect the application of Article 30 of the Lega Calcio regulations on match postponement. Gates' opening takes place, as a rule, 3 hours before the match's beginning, unless otherwise indicated by the GOS.
  12. The Stadium turnstiles are built in such a way to allow fans to quickly and fluidly enter the Stadium over at least a 90-minute time frame. Based on the above, the paying public are advised to arrive as early as possible to avoid long queues to the entrances that may mean missing the start of the game.
  13. Regulations on bringing into the stadium, using and displaying megaphones, drums, banners and choreographies are available on the Club’s official website. S.S. Calcio Napoli, with the permission of the responsible for GOS., will grant authorization – this may be given for the for the whole football season too. Banners authorized and/or materials for choreographies have to be introduced in the Stadium, from a specific gate, at least one hour before the gates' opening.
  14. Supporters with disabilities, as well as FIGC, AIA and CONI registered members are admitted to see the match in the number and with the modalities decided by S.S. Calcio Napoli on its official website.
  15. It is forbidden to bring in any type or species of animal into the Stadium.
  16. Minors under the age of four are allowed free entrance into the Stadium, only if accompanied by a parent or guardian in possession of a valid ticket for access to the Stadium. Without prejudice to the above, in accordance with Article 11-ter of Legislative Decree 8/2/2007 No. 8, converted into law with amendments by Law No. 41 of 4/4/2007, the Club reserves and publicizes free tickets for children under the age of 14, provided they are accompanied by a ticket holder, for a number of matches as set out by law.
  17. The Stadium user acknowledges that, in accordance with the Code of Sports Justice, S.S. Calcio Napoli has adopted a Code of Conduct governing the withdrawal of Stadium tickets (Code of Conduct) which rejects all forms of violence, discrimination and behavior that goes against the values of decency and morality. According to the Code of Conduct, purchase of tickets is subject to acceptance of the code and any violation thereof, even when detected by video surveillance systems, as set out below, shall result in the application of measures based on the nature and gravity of the events, including the temporary suspension of a ticket, the definitive withdrawal of a ticket and/or a ban from buying another ticket. The user acknowledges that the Code of Conduct, in addition to any subsequent modifications to this, is published on the Club’s website and commits to adhering to the regulations contained therein.
  18. The Stadium user acknowledges that S.S. Calcio Napoli has adopted a Code of Ethics and an Organizational Model in order to tackle the violations outlined by Legislative Decree 231/2001, the text of which is periodically modified and/or adapted. The Code of Ethics can be consulted on the official website under the “Club” section. S. Calcio Napoli has set up a Supervisory Board with the aim of monitoring how the Organizational Model is working and whether it is being followed. Any behaviour that does not adhere to the Code of Ethics shall be reported to the Supervisory Board, with all correspondence addressed directly to: SUPERVISORY BOARD c/o S.S.C NAPOLI SPA, 9 Via del Maio di Porto, Napoli, 80133.
  19. Holders of valid tickets granting them access to the Stadium acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of purchase for tickets (Ticketone’s “General Terms and Conditions of Contract”, in addition to any subsequent modifications to this, which can be found on
  20. The following behaviour is forbidden and will be prosecuted by law.

Those behaviour can be detected, certified and contested also, if necessary, by images recorded by video surveillance system. Police Authority can in any moment to impose further prohibitions or rules.

  1. To stay near passages, exits, entrances, access routes, safety exits and any other escape way without a valid reason.
  2. To climb on Stadium structures or facilities.
  3. To damage or tampering in any way structures, infrastructures and Sports Facility’s services.
  4. To introduce or sell alcoholic drinks with alcohol content higher than 5°, except for authorizations in particular areas, issued by the competent Authority, previous acceptance of the chief of police.
  5. To introduce or wear bibs or clothing with equal or similar colour or shape to stewards or other staff.
  6. To carry poisons, harmful substances, stinging spray, inflammable materials, drugs, stones, knives, sound devices, laser beam system and other objects that can disturb or endanger the safety of all people in the Stadium.
  7. To introduce bottles, cans or glass bins or any other materials (drinks have to be dispensed in plastic or paper glasses), umbrellas (except pocket-size umbrellas with no point), helmets, belts with heavy metal studs, sticks, soiling or pollutant material and any other object that could be used to injure and harm as decided in any specific time by the Police Authority in the Stadium; crutches or other accessories or aids (except the cases indicated by the procedure on S.S. Calcio Napoli website).
  8. To bring prams or strollers into the Stadium.
  9. To introduce video cameras, reflex-style cameras, drones or other remote-control flying equipment of any size.
  10. To introduce or show signs, banners, scarfs, megaphones, drums, documents, flyers, pictures, disguise masks, printed materials and any kind of unauthorized banner (even if it does not contain any written content and in the case that it obstructs the visibility to other supporters or the emergency signs), if these differ from those expressly authorized by the GOS on the request of the club, which the fans in question must contact in advance and provide with the necessary documentation; authorized objects cannot be displayed/used in areas other than those indicated by the Club. All objects must be removed at the end of the game.
  11. Any kind of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination, chorus or other expressions of xenophobic intolerance.
  12. Any kind of politic propaganda or personal advertising and commercial activity. It's forbidden any kind of commercial advertising that has not contractual relation with S.S. Calcio Napoli.
  13. To access and be found inside the Stadium drunken or on drugs.
  14. To behave, particularly while entering the Stadium, in a way designed to limit the ability of the video surveillance system to identify persons entering the stadium, including but not limited to: wearing masks or sunglasses as a disguise or using limbs, scarfs, hats or neckwarmers to alter or conceal their appearance.
  15. To behave in a way designed to render the video surveillance completely or partly useless, including but not limited to: soiling, obscuring or damaging the cameras.
  16. To behave in a way that causes harm to other spectators.

S.S. Calcio Napoli does not provide any safekeeping service for any of the objects listed above or indeed any other objects.

Among behaviours punished by penal code according to Articles 6, Paragraph 1, 6 bis, 6 ter, 6 quarter and 7 of Law No. 401 of 13 December 1989 and subsequent modifications and in particular disguise attempts, emblem or symbol's ostentation that show discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, National or religious reasons, those ones concerning the violence during competitive matches and the throwing of dangerous materials. For these behaviours, the penal sanctions from Legislative Decree No. 8 of 08/02/07, implemented by Law No. 41 of 04/04/07, apply.

The possible sentence or simple accusation for one of crimes or administrative crimes, in accordance with these stadium rules, or any other breach of this regulation, will involve, as further sanction, the ban from accessing sports facilities (so called DASPO) for the period of one year up to eight years, upon decision of the chief of police or judicial authority's decision. The club will also ban the offending party from the stadium, in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

  1. The use of electronic devices for any kind of recording and/or transmission and/or production and/or distribution of any audio, video or audio-visual material, or indeed any information or data regarding match developments, conduct or any other factor in any game for the purposes of betting, commercial activities that have not been authorized in advance or any other purposes that violate these Regulations, is strictly forbidden at the Stadium, except where authorization or permission is granted by the Lega Calcio and the Club. Mobile phones may only be used for personal, private use.
    In the event of a breach of these Regulations, visitors may be refused access to or removed from the Stadium.
  2. The Stadium user expressly acknowledges and accepts that the Stadium is totally controlled by closed-circuit videotape system with cameras positioned both inside and outside the Stadium, as well as in parts of city with high supporters’ traffic. Data are dealt according to provisions based on EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR). In case of violations, the images will be examined by the Naples Police.


In force since the 2007/08 football season, updated during the meeting of the Gruppo Operativo di Sicurezza (Operational Security Group) held on 11.12.2020.