Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. Website Privacy Notice

Notice pursuant to the 2003 Legislative Decree No. 196, article 13.

Users are requested to read this notice published pursuant to the 2003 Legislative Decree No. 196, article 13, which sets out how personal data provided by the users of this Website are to be managed.

This notice pertains exclusively to the S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. Website, which can be accessed through,,, and and to other sites accessible through links in the main Website.

Limitations on use of personal data

The use of personal data collected by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. is limited to creating a database to be used (i) for statistical purposes, for the acquisition and evaluation of data regarding visits to the Websites registered by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. and for market research purposes, and (ii) for purposes of information, and commercial and marketing communications, including sending newsletters and promotional and advertising materials regarding the goods and services offered by S. S. C. NAPOLI S.p.A. and its designated partners. The information may be processed by computer directly by S. S. C. NAPOLI S.p.A. in collaboration with authorized personnel and, if needed, by outside firms charged with performing specific data processing tasks.

Data holder

The data holder (the entity owning the rights to process personal data) is S. S. C. NAPOLI S.p.A., with registered offices in Via del Maio di Porto, 9 - 80133 Naples, Italy.

Third parties and categories of third parties authorized to use personal data

Personal data provided by users may be communicated by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. to third parties for the purposes described above; in particular, such data may be communicated to the following insofar as within their competence:

a. to outside firms charged by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. with the distribution of sports and commercial advertising publications (including sending newsletters and other promotional and advertising material) pertaining to goods and services offered by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. and its designated business partners;

b. to personnel tasked with the installation and maintenance of computer systems or parts thereof in use at the offices of S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A.;

c. to personnel tasked with processing statistical data and performing market research based on data obtained from visits to Websites registered by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. and other sites accessible from the main Website registered by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A.

Use of personal data

Browsing Data
The Web server used by S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A., which is managed by an outside firm, automatically collects for statistical purposes certain personal data communicated automatically as a result of using Internet communications protocols. Specifically, these data include the domain name of the users' Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Internet Protocol address (IP) used to connect the computer to the network.

While browsing the said Website, cookies may be sent automatically.

Data Provided Freely and Voluntarily by the User
When users freely and voluntarily send data by e-mail, said e-mail addresses are recorded, as they are needed to respond to any queries by users; this applies as well to any other personal data provided voluntarily.

Voluntary personal data

With the sole exception of the communication data described above, users provide data freely and voluntarily, as stated earlier.

Users will be able to browse the Website even without providing personal data.

Use of personal data

Personal data may be processed by computer or other means for the period of time strictly necessary to accomplish the purposes for which they were acquired, in compliance with the 2003 Legislative Decree No. 196, article 13, and in particular respecting the rules of lawfulness, correctness, pertinence and specificity.

Specific security measures will be followed to prevent unauthorized access to the personal data, loss, and unlawful or incorrect use.

Notwithstanding the above, S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. reserves the right to use personal data acquired to prove responsibility in cases of Internet crimes that cause damage to the Website.

Where personal data are processed

Personal data acquired in connection with this Website will be processed at the above-cited registered offices of the Holder of the data and the registered offices of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) hosting the Website - Agorà Med S.r.l., Via Ferrante Imparato, 192 c.a.p. 80146 Napoli – and will be processed by personnel designated by the Holder and ISP, or by personnel charged with occasional maintenance.

Except as provided in this notice, personal data will not be divulged or distributed.

Users' rights

Users who have provided personal data may at any time exercise their rights as against the Holder of such personal data pursuant to the 2003 Legislative Decree No. 196, article 7, reported in its entirety below:

Art. 7 – Right to access personal data and other rights

- Users shall have the right to obtain confirmation in intelligible form of whether or not personal data pertaining to them exists, even if such data have not been recorded.

- Users shall have the right to obtain information regarding the origin of their personal data, the purpose for which they are used and the methods by which they are processed, the criteria used to process such data by computer, identifying information of the data Holder, the party entrusted with the data and the designated representatives pursuant to article 5, parties and categories of parties to whom personal data may be communicated or who may otherwise obtain such information as designated representatives in Italy, and of other designated or responsible parties.

- Users have the right to update and correct personal data, and when appropriate supplement, delete or render the data anonymous, or stop the processing of data when unlawful, including data that need not be stored to accomplish the purposes for which the data were acquired or subsequently processed.

- Users shall have the right to oppose for legitimate reasons the processing of personal information in whole or in part even though such processing is related to the purposes for which the data were acquired; to oppose the use of personal data for purposes of sending advertising or direct sales material, or to conduct market research or send commercial information.

To exercise any of the rights set out above users should contact the General Manager, Business and Legal Services - S.S.C. NAPOLI S.p.A. - Via del Maio di Porto, 9 - 80133 Naples, Italy, where the updated list of responsible and designated parties is kept.