Mazzarri: My course with Napoli is over

Mazzarri: My course with Napoli is over

Notizie | 19/05/2013

The manager: These were four amazing seasons, I thank the President and all the fans

"My course in Naples has come to an end." Walter Mazzarri says goodbye at the end of the Serie A championship. He will no longer be Napoli's manager and while explaining his choice he thanks both the Club and all the fans.

"The moment has come to take a little break and think. Napoli is an amazing reality, I am leaving because after four years I need new motivation, also the for players. I said goodbye to them and to the President in the locker room. I was really movedm having to hugging everybody."

"I thank our fans and all those who have supported me throughout these wonderful years. I made this decision some time ago. However, I respected everybody because I wanted the team to give its best until the end, as it happened. I took Napoli as on top as I could, I put all my efforts into this tea and I think that I carried out my task in a correct way."

"I thank De Laurentiis and Bigon, who tried to persuade me to change my mind, but I think that the moment has come either to take some months off or to engage somewhere else. It will depend on the offers. Naples has got an important treasure and a solid and healthy Club, so I am sure there is a great future ahead here."



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